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There’s a simple purpose that sits at the heart of our business: to enable people with life-altering conditions to lead better lives.

It’s why we develop pioneering treatments and services for symptomatic conditions in specialist areas of unmet need. And we take great pride in doing it because we know this approach can deliver valuable help to patients, their families and caregivers, and society overall.

More and more, how we help goes beyond medication to include support such as patient assistance programs. And we work closely with advocacy organisations to raise awareness of conditions such as ADHD, Diabetic Foot Ulcers and many rare diseases.

Our caring, pioneering approach has made us a leader in many of our therapeutic areas, but we want to achieve more. Looking forward, we need to develop even more groundbreaking, new ways to transform more patients’ lives, while delivering value to our stakeholders. This purpose keeps patients and their needs at the center of everything we do.

Better Lives

Enabling better lives for our patients rests on our colleagues coming to work knowing they can make a difference.