Better Lives

For Ronnie, a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) could have become debilitating. Instead, DERMAGRAFT has transformed his treatment and our Heal2gether approach has given him the personal support he needs.

Healing and support

For people with diabetes, even a small sore can become a big problem.

One of the most concerning consequences of diabetes can be the development of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) – open sores which, if left untreated, can lead to bone infection, amputation and even death. Shire’s unique product DERMAGRAFT has transformed treatment for DFU sufferers, but its Heal2gether community health education program goes one step further. Not only does it help patients and their healthcare providers understand the importance of acting early and how to prevent a DFU – it also provides a free phone service to pair patients with a personal treatment partner.

For patients like Ronnie, it’s the difference between achieving a full recovery and losing a limb.

Specialist help

Ronnie discovered he had diabetes when he was in his 50s. “I don’t have a lot of feeling in my feet, and sometimes a little bruise can get a lot worse,” he explains. “Next thing I know I’ve got an ulcer and my family doctor tells me I need to get specialist help.”

When Ronnie developed a DFU, he turned to DERMAGRAFT and Heal2gether. He recalls: “When I visited the wound care clinic and they told me about DERMAGRAFT I thought to myself, ‘this sounds like science fiction’. But just a couple of weeks made a big difference and the ulcer started to heal."

“I realised I could have easily lost my foot which is why when people tell you how to take care of yourself, you listen.”

Managing his ulcer

Ronnie learned how to manage his ulcer and what to do each day to help his recovery along.

“Through it all, the folks from Heal2gether kept calling to see how I was doing,” says Ronnie, who today is able to enjoy life with his dog, Footlong. “It’s true to say a whole lot of people helped me to get better.”

" Justa couple of weeks made a big difference and the ulcer started to heal