Better Lives

For ADHD patients like Brady and his mother Jamie, life has taken on a new dimension, thanks to our dual-treatment approach.

Dual support for Brady

Like many nine-year-old boys, Brady has a love of basketball and soccer, video games, and playing with his stepbrothers but, unlike most of his peers, Brady also has ADHD.

Challenging behaviour

Jamie, Brady’s then-single mother, often found herself overwhelmed with the demands of dealing with Brady’s behavior, struggling to keep things together at home while working full time. Jamie describes the sense of dread she used to live with before they found the appropriate treatment for Brady, fearing that his impulsivity would lead him to run out of school and into the street.

After seeing a specialist, Brady was prescribed VYVANSE and the difference was significant – there was a clear improvement in his ability to focus.

Best of both worlds

But for more than a quarter of patients with ADHD, stimulants alone may not be enough and as Brady got older, Jamie began to notice difficulties again with distraction in school and at home. It became apparent that he needed something more than his existing treatment and that something was INTUNIV. Once he started receiving both treatments, Jamie recalls that, “it was like the light just went on for him.”

These days, Brady is improving significantly at school and enjoying life with his new step-family. “Before the medication and the wonderful support system that he now has, Brady was using all of his energy to focus on what he needed to do,” Jamie says. “Now, he’s able to actually enjoy what he’s doing and really be in the moment."

" It was like the light just went on for him